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Dialpad Ai Sell for Sales Teams
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Ai-powered workspace

Dialpad Ai Sales. Unleash potential for Rapid Success. 

Boos your sales speed with the power of AI.

Empower your outbound teams with cutting-edge tools such as sentiment analysis, live Ai coaching, and real-time assists, giving them them a competitive edge and helping them close deals fast.

The Future of Sales is Here. AI-Powered Selling Made Simple.

Sell smarter, faster, and more efficiently with our AI-powered sales assistant. Our platform provides real-time sales guidance, advanced AI coaching, and seamless CRM integration, giving your team the tools they need to close more deals and drive revenue growth. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to the future of sales with our AI-powered assistant.

Ai Enabled Sellers

Our Ai assistant connects sellers to the right information in real time, and delivers objection handling, live recommendations, scripts, and more.

Advanced Ai Coaching

Keep your sellers on the right track with QA scorecards, sentiment analysis, and in-call modes like listen-in, barge-in, and takeover.

Native CRM Integrations

No more app switching needed. We’ll autolog calls, transcripts, and notes in your CRM so your team doesn’t have to.

Dialpad Ai For Sellers


Empower your sales team with AI at every step

AI-powered Sales Coaching

Improve sales IQ and drive more revenue with live agent assists, automatic call summaries, coaching playlists, and more.

Real-time Call Transcriptions

Native Ai captures your full conversation transcript. Plus, it tracks action items, keywords, and sentiment, all in a summary sent right to your inbox.

All-in-one Workspace

Seamlessly transition between prospect conversations, team calls, meetings, and messaging—all in one intuitive app.


Build high-impact sales teams around the world

Live AI Coaching

Support sellers during and after calls with advanced features like QA scorecards, sentiment analysis, and Ai transcriptions with custom moments.

Advanced Analytics

Get deeper insights into sales performance with call volume tracking, leaderboards, and robust custom reporting.

Sales Readiness

Set your teams up for success from the start with sales playbooks, smart responses, and built-in objection handling.

Dialpad Sell for Managers


Need a call transcribed?

You do the talking, we’ll handle the rest. Dialpad captures what was said and even tracks action items, keywords, and sentiment in a call summary sent right to your inbox.


Get ready to discover a world of added capabilities that will revolutionise the way you communicate

Built-in Ai

Transcribe calls with Speech Recognition, then analyse it all with Natural Language Processing.

Sales Playlists

Create a library of successful calls to help uplevel the entire team.

Smart Responses

Give your team the tools to answer tough questions as they’re asked with automated support scripts.

Coaching Groups

As a manager, check sentiment during live calls, jump in and assist reps, save at-risk deals, and pinpoint growth opportunities.

Objection Handling

Use Ai Agent Assist or Real Time Assist cards to populate the right response based on recognised keywords.

Voicemail Drop

Save time by recording a single voicemail to easily drop when a prospect can’t get to the phone


Miles Heffernan


"We moved from another CTI provider and could not be more delighted with the superior product and service. Critical features in Dialpad and the service from Untangled has made the move a very positive one."
Untangled Review.jpg

Looking for something else?

Elevate your customer experience with AI-powered solutions. The Contact Centre and Sales solutions offer seamless omnichannel experiences for your customers, automatic call distribution, intelligent routing, real-time insights, and more. Experience the power of AI with Dialpad.

Dialpad Business Communications

Call, message and meet with the teaming one AI-powered workspace.

Dialpad Ai Contact Centre

Upgrade your customer experience with Ai tools like live agent coaching and sentiment analysis.

Work beautifully. 

Elevate Collaboration with Dialpad: Uniting Teams on an Elegant, All-in-One Work Platform.

Stay Linked from Any Corner of the Globe Dialpad is accessible on your preferred devices, ensuring seamless connectivity wherever work takes you.

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