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Medical & Dental Practices

The ideal phone system for healthcare

Create a patient-first practice and spend more time helping people that need it.

Cloud HBX for Medical and Dental Practices

A Patient-Centric Practice, Enabling You to Focus More on Caring for Those in Need

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the technology side of your industry we’re able to provide a wide range of services designed to keep your practice running at optimum efficiency.

As a medical and dental practice specialist, we take the tangle out of the many problems that old technology can bring. Unlike other Telco companies, we’ve spent years setting up the technology and infrastructure needed to support busy healthcare practices. Therefore, we fully understand the complexities and nuances that such technology can throw up.

We also offer customised Australian Based Support services for Medical and dental practicioners that you can count on when you need it most, so rather than spending hours trying to find the right person to fix that annoying glitch in your phone and internet systems you can deal directly with us.

Elevate Patient Care with Untangled Cloud HBX


Elevate patient-centric care


Welcome to the future of healthcare communication with Untangled Cloud HBX. In the realm of medical and dental practices, effective communication is the heartbeat of exceptional patient care. Our tailored Cloud HBX solution is designed to empower medical professionals like you with a suite of advanced tools, ensuring seamless and secure communication that aligns perfectly with the high standards of your practice.

Putting patients first, every step of the way

Enhance Patient Experience with Cloud HBX

Enhance Patient Experience

Seamless Communication Throughout the Patient Journey

Improve Patient Outcomes with Cloud HBX

Improve Patient Outcomes

Empower Your Teams with a tool that Impacts Patient Well-being

Care that's no fuss with Cloud HBX

Care that's no fuss. Simplified

Manage appointments, inquiries, and follow ups with ease

Untangled Cloud HBX built to support current demands


Untangled's Cloud HBX, built to support current demands

Low Costs

Unlimited calling, and no lost revenue due to dropped or missed calls. Say goodbye to hefty upfront costs and maintenance fees associated with traditional phone systems. Cloud HBX eliminates the need for bulky hardware, offering a budget-friendly solution without compromising quality.

Powerful Call Management

Increase efficiency with features like auto attendant, call overflows, and many more. Simplify your communication network management. Cloud HBX empowers you to add or remove phones with minimal configuration hassle. It's your network, under your control, all from an intuitive online interface.

Effective Disaster Recovery

Built-in call forwarding in the event of internet or power loss to ensure business and patient experience is not affected.


Partner with us and we’ll use our specialist knowledge to get you up and running again with the least amount of fuss.


Features that matter

Unified Communications

A system that integrates instant messaging, voice and presence. Boost collaboration scross multiple sites with high-quality communication options across many different platforms and devices.

Greater Control

With browser-based administrative tools for any self-management needs, you can quickly change call routes or enable features such as call forwarding, voicemail all at the click of a button.

Improved Security

Limit your exposure to malicious acts and enable better security against cyber attacks.

Transform Communication with Untangled Cloud HBX


The ultimate communication reliability

With the redundancy function of Untangled's Cloud HBX, your practice enters a world of constant connectedness. Our solution fortifies your connections, allowing you to focus on seamless operations and unhindered conversations.

Set a New Bar for Patient Care with Untangled Cloud HBX

Business grade

Provides the reliability, flexibility, and advanced features, enabling practices to communicate effectively.

Intelligent Routing

Ensures that patient calls are directed to the right department or staff member efficiently.


Insights empower efficient resource allocation, optimized staffing, and informed decisions.


Ready to Immerse Yourself in the Cloud HBX Plan-o-Rama and Discover Your Ideal Fit?

Every healthcare environment is different, and at Untangled we recognise that your communication needs are just as special as the care you give. We provide a variety of Cloud HBX plans designed to equip your practise with effective and smooth communication.


Revolutionising Telecommunications with Untangled

Our plans are created to meet your individual needs, whether you run a busy medical practise, a niche dental practise, or a large healthcare system. Our Cloud HBX solutions make sure that your communication infrastructure properly corresponds with the patient-centric ethos of your practise, from flexibility and mobility to sophisticated capabilities and scalability. Find the best Cloud HBX package so you can concentrate on what really matters—providing top-notch patient care.

Untangle your conversations, Elevate your connections

Transform care delivery with Untangled Cloud HBX

Ready to redefine healthcare communication? Enhance patient experiences, streamline operations, and revolutionize care delivery with the seamless capabilities of Untangled Cloud HBX.

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