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Dialpad Ai Contact Centre Australia
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Ai-powered workspace

Dialpad Ai Contact Centre. Elevate customer experience in a snap.

Experience the pinnacle of AI-powered customer service with our cutting-edge Contact Center solution. Set up an Ai-powered omnichannel contact center in minutes.

Set up an Ai-powered omnichannel contact center in minutes.

Help your agents excel with on-demand guidance available at their fingertips

Ai Enabled Sellers

Our Ai assistant connects sellers to the right information in real time, and delivers objection handling, live recommendations, scripts, and more.

Advanced Ai Coaching

Keep your sellers on the right track with QA scorecards, sentiment analysis, and in-call modes like listen-in, barge-in, and takeover.

Native CRM Integrations

No more app switching needed. We’ll autolog calls, transcripts, and notes in your CRM so your team doesn’t have to.


Powerful AI across every customer channel

Build better customer relationships and improve agent workflows with Ai transcriptions, real-time coaching, and a unified interface for both voice and digital interactions.


Faster answers, without lifting a finger

Use Dialpad Digital Self Service to automatically scrape internal and external knowledge sources and immediately surface the best answers for customers.

Dialpad Digital Self Service
Dialpad Digital Customer Engagement


Connect with customers wherever they are

Make it easier for agents to track customer conversations across channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Business Chat in one workspace. Built-in Ai also empowers your digital agents to solve requests faster by automating workflows and surfacing relevant suggestions.


Manage costs and optimise performance

Create a consistent end-to-end customer journey. Dialpad offers advanced WEM capabilities to help with quality management, forecasting, agent scheduling, and behaviour adherence.

Dialpad Workforce Engagement Management


Designed for both agents & customers

Flexible Call Routing

Direct customers to the right agents based on skill level, availability, or longest-idle time.

Real-time Speech

Get the fastest, most accurate transcriptions in the industry.

Quality Management

Keep track of agent performance with analytics and QA scorecards for individuals and teams.

Custom Wall Boards

Make customer service a team effort with dashboards highlighting agent and call centre statistics.

Callbacks & Voicemails

Say goodbye to customer hold time with smarter automated voicemail and callback capabilities.

Real-time Coaching

Give your team the tools to answer tough questions as they’re asked with automated support scripts.

Mobile Customer Support

Give your team the tools to answer tough questions as they’re asked with automated support scripts.

Interactive Voice Response

Easily define interactive voice response menus based on key (DTMF) or voice.

Live Caller Sentiment

Save time by recording a single voicemail to easily drop when a prospect can’t get to the phone

Agent Activity Heatmaps

Schedule agents more effectively by quickly understanding current call volume patterns.

Looking for something else?

Elevate your customer experience with AI-powered solutions. The Contact Centre and Sales solutions offer seamless omnichannel experiences for your customers, automatic call distribution, intelligent routing, real-time insights, and more. Experience the power of AI with Dialpad.

Dialpad Business Communications

Call, message and meet with the teaming one AI-powered workspace.

Dialpad Ai Sell

Close deals faster with AI tools like live coaching and real-time objection handling.

Work beautifully. 

Elevate Collaboration with Dialpad: Uniting Teams on an Elegant, All-in-One Work Platform.

Stay Linked from Any Corner of the Globe Dialpad is accessible on your preferred devices, ensuring seamless connectivity wherever work takes you.

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