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Law & Professional Services

The modern office phone system

No matter what kind of business you’re in, Dialpad offers a flexible (and reliable) platform that keeps your conversations, and colleagues, connected.

A unified workspace for legal and professional teams

Dialpad Client Engagement


Engagement to the next level


Seamlessly manage client calls with virtual receptionist setups and personalised routing. Dialpad's adaptability across devices ensures you never miss a call, even on the go. Boost productivity with in-built messaging for efficient communication between calls and meetings. Utilise channels for organized project management, secure file sharing, and professional business texting. Elevate client meetings to HD video calls with a simple click, complete with real-time transcriptions, screen sharing, and AI-driven action tracking.

Dialpad for Legal Teams

Law Firms


Dialpad streamlines client communication with advanced call routing and AI-powered transcriptions, ensuring no critical details are missed. Secure video conferencing allows lawyers and solicitors to consult and collaborate seamlessly, irrespective of location.

Dialpad for Consulting Agencies

Consulting Agencies


Dialpad's omnichannel communication tools enable consultants to connect with clients through their preferred medium, building stronger relationships. Dynamic call analytics provide insights to optimize client interactions and drive impactful strategies.

Dialpad for Human Resources

Human Resources


Dialpad simplifies HR communication by centralising voice and messaging in a single platform. It ensures seamless coordination for interview scheduling, employee support, and company-wide announcements, promoting a cohesive work environment.

Dialpad Sydney for Legal Practices


Why Professional Service teams choose Dialpad

A Business Phone in your pocket

Sometimes work happens nowhere near your desk. With Dialpad’s mobile apps, teams get everything they need—calls, messages, CRM details—right in the palm of their hand. Plus with everything flowing through the Dialpad app, customer details and conversations are saved on a central platform rather than dispersed across employee’s personal devices.

Nix Note-taking

Who wants to take notes? Voice Intelligence, for one. Every Dialpad call automatically captures what was said and what steps were committed in a post-call summary that’s searchable and shareable within your org.

Connect Remote teams

With a single platform for business communications, including voice, video, messaging, and integrations, Dialpad offers an easier way to keep your business talking with features that make employees feel closer to home base than before.


Join Australia's Most Innovative Legal and Professional Services Teams


Features that matter

Call Transcripts

Never be lost for what was said or what next steps you need to take with automatic call transcriptions powered by Voice Intelligence™ that capture every detail and serve it up post-call.

Business App Integrations

Ditch manual data entry with native integrations that push call data like transcripts, recordings, and activities to your existing systems.

Unlimited Recording

Transcriptions with recordings and get the full context of the conversation with the ability to playback a specific time in the call.

Dialpad Empowers Efficiency for Legal Teams


Ensure the security of confidential conversations

Dialpad ensures encrypted communications across the board to adhere to compliance standards. This guarantees secure conversations at all organisational levels, allowing you to concentrate on nurturing client relationships.

Powered by the most dependable platform worldwide

Carrier grade

Our worldwide infrastructure ensures your business operates seamlessly around the clock.


Dialpad syncs with your essential apps such as Salesforce and Google Workspace.


Gain comprehensive insights into usage and adoption across all teams, ensuring complete visibility.

Ready to Dive into Dialpad's Plan-o-Rama and Uncover Your Perfect Match?

Elevate your customer experience with AI-powered solutions. The Contact Centre and Sales solutions offer seamless omnichannel experiences for your customers, automatic call distribution, intelligent routing, real-time insights, and more. Experience the power of AI with Dialpad.

Business Communication Tool Dialpad Talk


The Anywhere Worker IT Stack. Dialpad Talk connects your teams with your clients like never before. Easily integrate with Google Workspace and Office 365, streamlining with single sign-ons, directory and contact syncing, and consolidated HD voice, video, messaging and meetings from any device.

Dialpad Sales Solution


Dialpad Ai Sell

The Supercharged Sales Solution. Dialpad Sell integrates with the leading CRM tools, as well as Google Workspace and Office 365. You’ll also enjoy single sign-ons, syncing with your lists and other data, and a wide range of HD voice, video, messaging and meetings from any device.

Dialpad Call Centre Solution


Dialpad Ai Contact Centre

The Inbound Call Centre Solution with Boundless Customer Service. Dialpad Ai Contact Centre gives you an inbound customer call centre to deliver personalised support at scale. Real-time coaching that helps your teams with answers on demand, and native integration into ticketing systems to streamline the customer experience.

Work beautifully. 

Elevate Collaboration with Dialpad: Uniting Teams on an Elegant, All-in-One Work Platform.

Stay Linked from Any Corner of the Globe Dialpad is accessible on your preferred devices, ensuring seamless connectivity wherever work takes you.

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