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Law and Accounting

Where precision meets communication perfection

Redesign communication in the legal and financial sectors with Untangled Cloud HBX allowing you to focus on what truly matters – providing top-tier legal counsel and financial advisory.

Untangled Cloud HBX for Law and Accounting Industry

Navigating the Intersection of Expertise and Effortless Communication in Law and Accounting 

In the domains of legal and financial services, precision communication is paramount. At Untangled, we understand the significance of clear interactions. That's why we've developed Untangled Cloud HBX exclusively for legal professionals, accountants, and bookkeepers – a fusion of efficiency and accuracy. Our solution simplifies communication, augments client engagement, and transforms daily exchanges into enduring partnerships.

Cloud HBX Elevate Expert Conversations


Elevate expert conversations


Experience the synergy of expertise and seamless communication with Untangled Cloud HBX tailored for professionals in law and accounting. Streamline client interactions, enhance advisory consultations, and foster stronger client relationships. Our solution empowers you to excel in your practice, making every conversation count.

Where 'Show Me the Clear Communication' Is the Dime of the Day

Untangled HBX for Better Collaboration

Better Collaboration

Enables seamless communication among legal and accounting teams, fostering efficient collaboration on cases, projects, and financial matters. With features like call routing, voicemail-to-email, and real-time updates, professionals can quickly exchange information and ensure everyone stays on the same page.

Untangled HBX Client Centric Service

Client-centric Service

Cloud HBX empowers legal and accounting professionals to provide exceptional client experiences. Real-time updates, immediate responses to inquiries, and personalized communication enhance client engagement and satisfaction. Whether discussing legal cases or financial advice, Cloud HBX ensures clear, timely interactions that reflect expertise and dedication.

Untangled Cloud HBX allows Mobility and Flexibility

Mobility & Flexibility

Cloud HBX liberates legal and accounting experts from their desks, enabling them to stay connected on the go. With the mobile app and remote access, professionals can provide consultations, review documents, and engage in meaningful conversations with clients from anywhere. 

Untangled Cloud HBX Simple Phone Management


Untangled's Cloud HBX, built to support current demands

Low Costs

Unlimited calling, and no lost revenue due to dropped or missed calls. Say goodbye to hefty upfront costs and maintenance fees associated with traditional phone systems. Cloud HBX eliminates the need for bulky hardware, offering a budget-friendly solution without compromising quality.

Professional Image Projection

Impress clients with automated call routing, voicemail-to-email transcription, and other features that enhance your professional image.

Effective Disaster Recovery

Built-in call forwarding in the event of internet or power loss to ensure business and patient experience is not affected.


Partner with us and we’ll use our specialist knowledge to get you up and running again with the least amount of fuss.


Features that matter

Unified Communications

A system that integrates instant messaging, voice and presence. Boost collaboration scross multiple sites with high-quality communication options across many different platforms and devices.

Intelligent Call Routing

Direct guest calls to the right department or personnel, minimizing wait times and enhancing guest satisfaction.

Real-time Insights

Monitor call volumes, peak hours, and customer preferences to optimize staffing and improve guest experiences.

Get the simple features that matter with Untangled Cloud HBX


The ultimate communication reliability

With the redundancy function of Untangled's Cloud HBX, your practice enters a world of constant connectedness. Our solution fortifies your connections, allowing you to focus on seamless operations and unhindered conversations.

Raise the Bar for Legal and Accounting Communication with Untangled Cloud PBX

Business grade

Provides the reliability, flexibility, and advanced features, enabling practices to communicate effectively.

Intelligent Routing

Ensures that patient calls are directed to the right department or staff member efficiently.


Insights empower efficient resource allocation, optimized staffing, and informed decisions.


Ready to Immerse Yourself in the Cloud HBX Plan-o-Rama and Discover Your Ideal Fit?

Empower your legal or financial practice with Untangled Cloud HBX. Enhance collaboration, streamline document sharing, and build stronger client relationships in an interconnected world. Welcome to a new era of communication where precision and expertise align seamlessly.


Revolutionising Telecommunications with Untangled

Whether you're managing complex legal cases, providing meticulous financial advice, or orchestrating meticulous legal strategies, our Cloud HBX plans are customized to seamlessly align with your industry's unique demands. From effortless coordination among your teams to elevated client service, our solutions offer the adaptability, mobility, advanced features, and scalability that your field requires. Discover the ultimate Cloud HBX package for your practice, so you can focus on what truly counts—delivering exceptional expertise and exceptional service.

Untangle your conversations, Elevate your connections

Elevate Professional Excellence with Untangled Cloud HBX

Ready to Elevate Your Expertise? Enhance interactions, streamline operations, and revolutionise service delivery with the seamless power of Untangled Cloud HBX, tailored for the legal and accounting profession.

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