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Boosting Local SEO: Why SMBs Choose Untangled Listings

Updated: Feb 22

Outperform your competitors by securing the top spot on Google Search Engine Results Pages.

Untangled Listings Boost Local SEO

In today's digitally driven world, attracting local customers is more crucial than ever, especially for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). With the increasing number of young entrepreneurs who understand the power of the online marketplace, the need for an effective Local SEO strategy has skyrocketed. In this article, we'll dive into the significance of Local SEO, the role of citations and business listings, and why younger SMB owners are turning to Untangled Listings, a white-labeled product of Bright Local, to supercharge their local online presence.

The Significance of Local SEO for SMBs

In an era where information is a few clicks away, Local SEO plays a pivotal role in helping SMBs thrive. Business owners recognize that their target audience is increasingly turning to the internet to find products and services in their neighborhood. Whether it's a cozy café, a boutique clothing store, or a tech startup, local search visibility can make or break a business.

The Role of Citations and Business Local SEO Listings

At the heart of Local SEO are citations and business listings. These are the digital breadcrumbs that lead customers to your doorstep. Citations refer to the mentions of your business's Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) across the web. The consistency and accuracy of this information are vital. Business owners understand that one small inconsistency can lead to missed opportunities.

"Consistency in your online business information is the key to success in local search. Think of your citations and listings as the digital footprints that lead customers straight to your door.." – SEO specialist, Andre Santos

Untangled Listings: A Powerful Solution for the Digital Natives

Enter Untangled Listings, the game-changer in the world of Local SEO. This product offers an array of features that resonate with business owners. It simplifies the management of citations and business listings, saving them valuable time. As digital natives, they recognize the importance of a seamless online presence. Untangled Listings aligns perfectly with their ethos of efficiency and effectiveness.

Why SMBs Choose Untangled Listings

  1. Simplicity and Time Savings. Business owners appreciate straightforward solutions. Untangled Listings streamlines the citation management process, saving them precious time that can be reinvested in other aspects of their business.

  2. Complements Existing Online Marketing Strategy. The ability to work with our SEO experts, help your in-house team collaborate to start and end stronger than ever. We provide insights for off-page and some on-page opportunities, your team can execute.

  3. Proven Results. A growing number of SMBs have experienced tangible improvements in their local search visibility through Untangled Listings. It's a trusted tool that delivers real results, helping business owners maintain a competitive edge.


In conclusion, SMBs are taking the local business scene by storm, and they understand the importance of Local SEO. With the help of Untangled Listings, they're streamling their citation management process, saving time, and achieving impressive local search visibility. To stay ahead in the competitive local landscape, Untangled Listings is their go-to tool.

Climb to the Top of Google with Untangled Listings

As a business owner, your potential is limitless. Make the most of it with Untangled Listings. Book a free consultation with our Local SEO + Citation expert today.


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