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Google Business Profile Basics: How To Improve Your Online Presence

Are you trying to find a way to differentiate your company online from your neighborhood rivals? We go into further detail about Google Business Profile's significance in this article. Because of the consistency of the data we present online, discover how to take advantage of its potential and take command of your local market.

Untangled Local SEO - Google Business Profile Basics

The following statistics highlight the significance of having a Google Business Profile:  It is often known that people are using the internet more and more to find local companies, products, and services. It's interesting how this tendency is revealed by statistics from a post on local SEO by Safari Digital. Their research indicates that a sizable fraction of users—roughly 54%—perform local searches at least once a month, with 12% doing so on a daily basis.

A recent Bright Local study found that 81% of most customers utilise reputable review websites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and others to assess local businesses. 

Understanding The Importance of Optimising Your Google Business Profile

I can't emphasise enough how crucial a Google Business Profile is to local search results, based on my experience with local SEO. It's your company's online shop, not just another local listing. Recognising that online and physical environments are comparable, you need to make a good impression on prospective clients as they scan your Google listing. Enhancing your Google Business Profile is not just about making it visible; it's also about gaining credibility, fostering trust, and, in the end, generating more search traffic than your nearby rivals.

Setting Up Your Google Business Profile

  • To start, visit the Google My Business website:, either you claim your Google business account as there are times Google auto-generates these business listings from different various sources. If it’s not available, you would still need to create a your account through the link.

Set up your Google Business Profile
  • Enter Your Business Information: Company business type, business name, address, phone number (NAP), website URL, and business category. Ensure that your information, especially (NAP) is accurate and consistent with your website and other online listings.

  • Verify Your Business: After the business is created, Google will request verification to make sure you are the legitimate owner. The following methods are typically used to process the verification code: phone call, text message, email, or brief video showcasing your business.

  • Optimise Your Profile: Now that we got verification out of the way, It’s time to optimise your business profile by uploading photos, short captivating video snippets, accurate business hours, and a well customised written business description that match your locale. This means strategically placing relevant keywords to improve your profile's visibility in local searches.

  • Manage Reviews and Engage with Customers: Google keeps a careful eye on everything that happens on your Google Business Profile, including your answers to frequently asked questions and reviews, both good and bad. This interaction gives Google's algorithm information about how you foster community and manage customer engagement, which eventually enhances trustworthiness and builds a feeling of community inside the organisation.

  •  Regularly Update Your Profile: Keep your business profile consistent with any changes to your business information, can be Holiday updates or a change of location, an update to business hours, or special promotions.Make sure to align all details across website, social and local listings.

Enhancing Your Profile for Maximum Visibility

One thing is certain: writing an insightful business description is a crucial first step in increasing the visibility of your profile. This description needs to sum up your business in just 750 characters, therefore it's not an easy task. Nonetheless, doing this work is crucial to maximising your internet visibility. It entails carefully choosing keywords that best make up your company and the products or services you provide, then organically adding them to your description to increase visibility. Additionally, it's critical to make sure this information is consistently placed in all major directories because it enhances your Google Business Profile and company identity.

Engaging with Your Audience

Utilise Google Business Profile Features for Direct Customer Engagement:

Take advantage of the availability of the messaging feature and Q&A section when interacting with customers.

  • Cultivate trust and loyalty by promptly addressing inquiries and concerns from customers.

  • Provide personalised responses to each customer who leaves a review, demonstrating regard and appreciation for their feedback.

  • While not confirmed, consider incorporating keywords or service acquired by customers in your responses, as they may help search visibility. (Although making this as natural as possible)

Integrate Google Business Profile with Other Online Platforms for Seamless Communication and Marketing:

Link your business profile with social media accounts and other online platforms, this integration streamlines communication efforts and ensures a consistent user experience across channels.

Businesses can outperform larger or local markets by implementing these local SEO best practices, which will increase customer engagement, broaden their client base, and improve their online presence overall. Conclusion: Improve Your Online Visibility with Google Business Profile Optimisation

To sum up, making the most of your Google Business Profile and local SEO is essential to improving your online visibility and outperforming nearby rivals. You may raise your profile's visibility and trustworthiness by making it more credible, interacting with your audience, and integrating it with other platforms. Building loyalty and trust requires regular updates and consistency. Use these strategies right now to increase your company's online presence, draw in new clients, and ensure long-term success in your neighborhood. But it can be difficult to navigate the nuances of local SEO; that's where Untangled’s support, comes in. Our expertise lies in maximising local search engine optimisation, and we offer regular progress reports every three months. Allow us to assist you in realising the full potential of your web presence and guaranteeing steady expansion within your local market.

Drive More Local Customers. Contact our resident Local SEO Expert, or visit our page to learn more about our Customer Engagement Service.


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