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Untangled: Elevating Communication Excellence as Dialpad’s Number 1 Reseller in Australia

Updated: Feb 22

Pioneering modern communication solutions with Dialpad

Dialpad Vendor Excellence Award

In the dynamic realm of telecommunications, one name shines bright as a beacon of innovation and service excellence: Untangled. Proudly holding the prestigious title of Dialpad’s number one reseller in Australia, Untangled has achieved a remarkable milestone in shaping the future of communication solutions.

Dialpad, a global leader in modern business communication platforms, has recognised Untangled’s unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to Australian businesses. Through a partnership built on trust, expertise, and mutual growth, Untangled has emerged as a true champion in delivering tailored communication solutions that align with Dialpad’s visionary approach.

Untangled’s meteoric rise to the top is marked not only by its technological prowess but also by a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by Australian businesses. With an unwavering dedication to driving efficiency, productivity, and seamless communication, Untangled has become the go-to destination for enterprises seeking transformative communication solutions.

A Resounding Tribute: The Vendor’s Excellence Award 2023

In a celebration of excellence and innovation, Dialpad has bestowed upon Untangled the Vendor’s Excellence Award for the year 2023. This coveted recognition underscores Untangled’s exceptional performance and unparalleled dedication to customer success. The award is a testament to Untangled’s role as a strategic partner that consistently surpasses expectations, driving positive change in the communication landscape.

This accolade doesn’t just honor Untangled’s commitment to excellence; it reinforces their position as a market leader and visionary force. The Vendor’s Excellence Award is a resounding endorsement of Untangled’s continuous pursuit of innovation and its tireless efforts to provide clients with communication solutions that transcend the ordinary.

Fueling a Future of Connectivity: Dialpad's Number 1 Reseller in Australia

Untangled’s journey as Dialpad’s top reseller and recipient of the Vendor’s Excellence Award is not just a story of achievements; it’s a testament to a philosophy. The philosophy of staying untangled from the mundane and embracing the extraordinary in the realm of communication solutions. It’s a promise to empower businesses with transformative tools that propel them into a future fueled by connectivity, collaboration, and success.

As Untangled continues to lead the charge in revolutionising the way businesses communicate, the story of their triumph as Dialpad’s number one reseller and Vendor’s Excellence Award recipient serves as an inspiration to enterprises across Australia. With innovation as their compass and customer satisfaction as their guiding star, Untangled’s journey is an embodiment of what it means to be a trailblazer in modern communication solutions.

In a world where communication is paramount, Untangled’s resounding success underscores their commitment to elevating the way businesses connect, communicate, and thrive. As their partnership with Dialpad continues to evolve, the future is brighter than ever — a future where communication knows no bounds, and Untangled paves the way for a new era of excellence.

"The best thing is the service you receive from the Untangled team."

About Untangled

Untangled is a trailblazer in providing modern communication solutions that empower businesses to excel. As Dialpad’s number one reseller in Australia, Untangled is committed to delivering transformative communication platforms that redefine the way enterprises connect, collaborate, and succeed. With innovation, expertise, and customer satisfaction at the core of their philosophy, Untangled is steering businesses toward a future where communication knows no limits.


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